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The Life of Lies of Albus Dumbledore


So earlier I did a post on why, contrary to some people’s opinions, I don’t think Sirius should have been in Slytherin,. However, as I wrote that, I realized that, contrary to canon, Dumbledore would have actually made a fantastic Slytheri, both narratively and…



well it was how kurt introduced himself to blaine after all


oh my god what if Blaine thinks Kurts name is “…Kurt”



just expressing my anger

you forgot the most important one of all



What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?

Early in my career, as I watched my wandmaker father wrestling with substandard wand core materials such as kelpie hair, I conceived the ambition to discover the finest cores and to work only with those when my time came to take over the family business. This I have done. After much experimentation and research, I concluded that only three substances produce wands of the quality to which I am happy to give the illustrious name of Ollivander: unicorn hair, dragon heartstring and phoenix feather. Each of these costly and rare materials has its own distinct properties. The following represents a short summary of my researches into each of the three Supreme Cores. Readers should bear in mind that each wand is the composite of its wood, its core and the experience and nature of its owner; that tendencies of each may counterbalance or outweigh the other; so this can only be a very general overview of an immensely complex subject.